some legacy projects undertaken in Jacques’ honour

  York University:        Endowment        Legacy Cabinet   

York University:       Endowment        Legacy Cabinet


  COC:  Metropolitan Art Portfolio

COC: Metropolitan Art Portfolio

  University of Toronto:        Archive    Music Library

University of Toronto:       Archive    Music Library

  Sheridan Co  llege:  The Jacques Israelievitch Teaching Cabinet

Sheridan College: The Jacques Israelievitch Teaching Cabinet

  AGO:  Denyse Thomasos painting

AGO: Denyse Thomasos painting

  TSO:  Wine Donation

TSO: Wine Donation

  Violin loan

Violin loan

  Gardiner Museum:  Promises

Gardiner Museum: Promises

  Durham College:  Art, ongoing

Durham College: Art, ongoing

  Projet Eco-CASA   Toronto French School

Projet Eco-CASA   Toronto French School

  The Ripple Refugee Project

The Ripple Refugee Project

  Tributes : a few more words

Tributes: a few more words