The Jacques Israelievitch Scholarship in Interdisciplinary Arts will be granted to a full time graduate student enrolled in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design. To be eligible students must demonstrate outstanding academic merit, artistic excellence and an artistic practice of interdisciplinary and cross-departmental nature. Students must demonstrate their interdisciplinary vision and a special gift of the arts through a one-page application statement. Preference for this award will be granted to students who have a musical component to their vision. The selection process will be coordinated by the AMPD Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS).

We are pleased to announce to the first recipient of the scholarship is Luis Ramirez

 For information on how to apply for the scholarship, please visit: http://gradstudies.yorku.ca/current-students/student-finances/funding-awards/

A 200K endowment fund has been established for an ongoing annual scholarship in Jacques' name. If you wish to make a donation (tax deductible) to The Jacques Israelievitch Scholarship in Interdisciplinary Arts,  please contact: 

Debra Crooks

York University

West Office Building

4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON  M3J 1P3

416-736-2100 ext 58015


Legacy Cabinet

A collection of art objects from various disciplines that were inspired by Jacques


jq hugs murray.JPG

Murray Adaskin

This composition was the result of my request that Murray write something for solo violin in honour of Jacques’ 50th birthday.


Robert Archambeau

Bob’s many offerings often came with instructions: Don’t just LOOK AT this bowl. USE IT!


Rudolf Bikkers


Drapel - side B.JPG

Joseph Drappell

Jacques gave Joseph his chevalier award and asked him to make the frame more important than the paper. The certificate has slipped deep into the frame, but this is how it is.


Ron Meyers

This vase is one of two Ron made for Jacques with figures playing violins.


greg's portrait op2.jpg

Greg Murphy

Greg made several portraits of Jacques over the years. This is a print of one of them. The portrait he is painting in the photo now hangs in the office of the chair of music at York.



Leszek Szurkowski

This poster of Jacques features Sherry Pribik’s reconstructed violin.

Sherry Pribik

Jacques found an old violin at a junk shop and gave it to Sherry with the request that she ‘do something’ with it. She hacked it up and sewed it back together.


Tony Urquhart

Tony began this drawing at one of our salons. He often listened to the music with pencil and paper in hand and he says he’s always listening to music—often Jacques’—as he works in his studio.


Bnei Brith 2.jpg
Lifetime Achievement Award.jpg

Lifetime Achievement Award


B’nai Brith honour


Order of Canada.jpg

Order of Canada

legacy cabinet in progress.JPG

Cabinet in the process of being assembled